Life with a chronic disease

Life with a disease is not rough, it is really rough.  I have been sick most of my life.  I didn’t realize this till later in life. No one whom I have ever met said ever that they wanted to be sick for most of their life. No one ever has been happy to have a chronic illness.  There isn’t a day I don’t miss the me that could walk for miles, sleep without fear of waking in sever Pain, or get to play with their Grandbaby without having to stop because of pain.

I remember at the age of 13 being pushed to do everyday things and thought it was normal for everyone to have a hard time getting up or enjoying while in pain. I was taught it was just growing pains or I was just being a lazy teenager.

I think we as a society have it smashed into our brains that we are supposed to live a hard difficult life.  But this is not so.  Years and years of being pressured to enjoy and work hard have resulted in many people becoming sicker or committing suicide.  I have found out through medical studies and life lessons that this is not truth.  Life is meant to be lived relaxed not stressed.  Life is to be enjoyed not in a constant state of fear.  Yet that is the very thing we are taught.. stress, fear, judgement and the horrors of life lessons.

I have written a book on the in’s and out’s of my life.  My life was not bad it has been good and blessed at times, and hard at times due to the diseases I suffer with. I still have great memories and I have enjoyed my life very much.

I suffer with Lyme disease,  I have Fibromyalgia, PTSD, thyroid issues and adrenal fatigue. But I can and have seen I can live a life of value and worth.  That it is ok to let go and allow that spiritual part of myself to take over.  I love the saying we are spiritual beings having a remarkable human experience.  But I fear death so I forget that I am not meant to be here forever.  It is hard to let go of the thought we have about immortality. It is hard not to see ourselves in a body forever.  Yet that is the very thing I need to come to terms with.

I went to school at the Natural College in California,  so I could help myself heal.  I have done more for myself than any medical intervention could or can. I feel due to allowing  medical intervention into my life that has contribute to my life being the way it is.  I watch as friends and family suffer at the hands of those who lack the education as well as the compassion to take care of others. What happen to the oath of do no more Harm?  The Hippocratic Oath?  HippocraticOath.jpg (696×983)

A 12th-century Greek manuscript of the Oath.. on Wikipedia

I know there will be those who disagree with me and I fault no one for their opinion.  These are my stories and my life challenges and just maybe, one of my stories may help someone out there struggling with the same hard times or illness will find hope or a way to over come their hard times.  I want to share what I have suffered but also how I have over come these struggles.  I have found herbs, essential oils, energy healing and spiritual peace. So welcome and please enjoy this journey that I call…. Life with a  chronic Disease. Lets change the thinking we were taught and find that there is a cure.

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