The all natural Super crazy TRain!

I woke this morning to a quiet morning the sun just rising and a  light dusting of snow on the ground, it sparkles like the fairies came out and threw diamond dust everywhere. I breathed in the sight and thank the Divine for all I have.  I was pleasantly surprised that my pain was not as bad today.

I let the dogs out and put on my tea kettle to boil and that’s when the stress hit.

I know your eye brows just went up and your like what the heck happen?

As I went to grab my herbal tea I started to panic about which one should I have.  The peppermint, it  has zinc, Dietary Fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Potassium and the list goes on is great for digestion and I have a little congestion this morning.  It could be a cold coming on…. Oh But that nettle is so full of protein, iron, magnesium,  vitamins A,C,D, and B complex and nourishing.  Ohh But wait, the chaga mushroom has the vitamin D 2, Dietary fiber, selenium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, Vitamin B1 and the list goes on…. Once I make up my mind on what to have tea wise, what the heck do I put in it, Honey, organic milk, coconut oil or sugar??

And lets not get started on what to eat!!

As I am running around my kitchen trying to decide what I want, I start to sweat and worry,  what if I don’t get enough fiber or the right kind of nourishment for my thyroid and yes lets not forget the anti-inflammatory for my fibromyalgia and I need to watch for my hypoglycemia.  AHHHHHHH GRRR It’s gotten to where the good stuff many not be so good and which one is the right one?  Do I just pour it all in a glass and drink it down?  BUT WAIT ….I might want gluten free toast and whole butter, but I love eggs and yummy avocado…..

Ok take a deep cleansing breath… relax close your eyes.  Now take a long deep sip of your tea, coffee or water.

Let get this straight… anything natural and whole is going to be a big plus after all the GMO’s, pesticides and bad fats we as Americans have been fed for YEARS.  Trust me you are getting better if you are eating the right stuff… but you may ask but what is the right things to eat.  Organic may not be organic the all natural may not be all natural.

AHGGGG…. again there we have jumped on the old natural super train.  We rocket by the common sense,  hold tight here comes a curve up ahead.  The more you are stressing to do the right thing, the sicker you are becoming.  I know because I am living it!!

I have a house full of home-made soaps, deodorants, house cleaner, dried herbs, tinctures  a fridge full of whole raw foods as well as grass-fed beef and chicken. Yet I am not cured nor and I at my best.  I wake up in the morning still sick and I get very depressed… and WHY …because I am doing every thing all the experts are telling me, yet it’s not working.

I have gone to school for six years learning to become all Holistic health, Studied Herbalism, got my certification in Reiki as Master Teacher.  I go to seminars and webcast, meditate, I buy books and still I have not found a cure.  Why? Because I am stressing out trying to find a CURE!!!

The one thing I should be doing is stopping the worry, stopping the madness of the Natural cure Super Train.  I have found I need to relax and accept my illness  allow time to pass.  Yes, being proactive is a good thing but when it starts to take over your life,  well that is not a good thing.

Ohh and my Tea is cold but don’t you dare put it in a microwave it kills all the healing properties… My solution I’ll just drink it cold thank you main stream society!!

The stigma of illness definition in reference to society, church and family is that we are to get up and fight the good fight. Ahhh but you better listen to the billion’s of ways to do it the right way. When your fighting yourself that’s not going to  working.  Let say you are looking in the mirror and find a blemish, so you punch yourself in the face.  Is that going to make things better??? I could put this tincture on it and wash with this all natural soap and eat this nourishing bits of food. It will not go away if I am stressing my body out about which soap, which food and if I have a whole house filtration system. ARRGGHHH

WHY are we harassing and belittling those who are not well? { YOU know the answer to this already} 

Here’s a question you should be asking yourself… what if you came here to earth to be sick so you could learn to except yourself, to love yourself?  WOOOOOH    Or better yet maybe you are supposed to be the best and most loving care taker to one of us??  HUMMMM 

Stop the All NAtural super TRain Get off that crazy Train!!!

Take a deep breath and relax, stop defending your illness, stop medicating your illness and stop allowing the dogma of dictatorship tell you how you must live with your illness. Open your heart up, stop the monkey brain and just except yourself for the wonderful person you are in sickness and all!!

Yes you have an illness NO it is not who you are but it is a part of the whole that is you.

Eat Well, laugh often, surround yourself with people who accept you for you! Be well my Friends! Love and light



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