A Journey of finding healing

As you may have read I suffer from a lot of health issues.  I have over come quite a few to date!
Exciting time for us in this day and age.
 Only thing that was holding me back was my pain. I have never had pain management in my life. This caused a whole lot of problems to come up.
My pain which caused me not to be able to dress, take a shower or even stand a hug was a nightmare. I have search far and wide in holistic remedies for a way to get some relief.
 I changed my diet, lost weight and started to walk. I threw away all cleaning products, changed my Laundry soap to all natural products.  I went organic homemade with toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner.  Yet nothing was touching the pain.
I had some pretty good results from Ashawagandha, skullcap, kava kava, vanilla extract and white willow to name just a few herbs I use.
I went to my Chiropractor and would come away a little looser but the pain was still intense.
My pain was general all over pain, upper back, lower back, hips legs and feet. My clothes hurt my skin.   I wasn’t able to lift my granddaughter without my ribs killing me.  I had migraines and sorry for the TMI but I couldn’t get my underwear up with out a 10 minute struggle.  My gallbladder was causing me pain as well and no I didn’t have one stone just sand.  I suffered with hormonal issues as well as IBS, and bought with undigested food in my stools..
After 6 years of searching and trying everything I could I finally found my miracle. There is no cure-all herb but if you look and keep trying you will find the right combination of holistic approaches that will help you heal.
I started a silver Hydrosol and Pure aloe protocol for two weeks 3x a day.I knew from studies I was toxic. Anyone who has had an antibiotic ever in their lifetime or has eaten fast food is toxic.  I started probiotic at night. After the two weeks I went to probiotic at least twice a day. I still continue this.
I started taking Ocean Alive for my vitamins and minerals once a day. I take digestive enzymes to help my gallbladder.
I am lucky to be in a state that grows agriculture hemp!!
I studied every night for several years on the effects of cannabis. I dove into every research paper I could find.
 No the FDA will not study cannabis because it’s a schedule 1 drug. But there are lots of colleges that were willing to foot the bill and test CBD and THC that is found in different species of the cannabis  plant. And boy are these colleges finding very promising results!
Of course we are taught to fear that which the FDA doesn’t endorse… but let’s face it each of us have seen what comes out of FDA approved drugs.  Death and side effects!
I decided after hearing a well know doctor and homeopathic teacher about CBD oil to try it. You can look more into what he has to say at RobertScottBell.com
I got my first bottle of CBD oil and took a full dose and it knock that pain out as well as put me to sleep.   Which was great because I was going on 5 hours of sleep for nearly 5 days.
I decided to cut the dosage down to about two small drops. WOW! Pain gone and I got to sit indian style on my grass after 8 years!!
I can sit on the floor and get up without crawling to a chair or couch! I can vacuum and not be in so much pain afterwords. I am able to ride in my truck and not have an anxiety attack.
Am I cured? Well no, but I sure am finding relief and doing more everyday..I still have to be careful not to over do, but everyday I gain back more than I had.
Just an FYI… CBD ( cannabidioloil) should be extracted using CO2 extraction. Make sure you find CBD oil that has no solvents. CBD oil is legal in 50 states and some over sea countries. THC ( tetrahydrocannabinol) is psychoactive. CBD oil is not.
Both have healing benefits!! Look them up they are amazing.  I take only the CBD oil 250mg, grown and made in Aspen Colorado. But there are other reputable companies in California as well.
Smoking Cannabis destroys the medicinal value of this wonderful plant. Heating this plant destroys the wonderful benefits of this spirit plant.  It’s been documented as such please don’t take my word on it look it up for yourself. Smoking Cannabis can cause health issues as well.  I know we have been told that smoking this plant can help with cancer or pain but that’s not the way this plant works. The cannabinoids get destroyed when heated. I can’t stress this enough.
I want to share my experience and knowledge with this hurting world.  I love teaching people that they do have the power to heal.  Please feel free to pass this info on. Love and light!

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