The moon with a different view.

I am not here to teach anyone anything. I am hear to teach myself only.

The moon was bright and full last night.  I remember when there was a time I would have stood outside and prayed and begged that silvery moon to bring me what I felt I was lacking in. I have awakened to the realization that I don’t need the moon to correct those things I once felt I was lacking in.  Now that moon to me is magical, I find that I can enjoy it in a different way.  I love to look up and enjoy that pale haunting glow, as the night-bird sings softly and the wind whispers through the fragrant cedar trees.   Have you ever noticed how in the summer’s warm night air the cedars smell of Christmas?  I have fragrant sumac growing under the cedars as well so the warmth of the night air is filled with natures perfume.  I love when the breeze brings that scent of nature’s incense into my home.

When we awaken and we see what is truly out there in this world for us to see, we see that there is peace, blessings, and beauty, not horror, killings and sadness.

I am enjoying not seeing the news.  As I walk on my own path I am reminded that there is nothing I can do with what is going on outside of me.  If something comes up on my path that I can do something about… don’t you know I will help! I have found when I walk with my heart,  I have that guarantee that I will help where ever I am needed.

To worry about politics, assholes and those things that are not to be seen by us yet they are shoved down our throats by social media and TV,  It is truly against our rights?  The news and social media put out there for me to see those things in which I can’t do one damn thing about.  I don’t know about you but sitting on my laurels and pissing and moaning about those things in which I can not control, or do something about is pretty stupid to me! I ask myself if I could do something, would I?  Or would I sit there and share the mess and just bitch and complain?  Either way, I won’t be a party to it anymore.  I have stopped sharing things on Facebook that are nothing but horror stories and that I can do nothing about.  I care about my friends and I don’t want them to have to see them either.

Someone said one time to me, but we are spreading awareness… OK, how is that working out for me?  Is it helping those people, is it bring them the help they need, is the media speaking out about it, is the government getting involved?  Chances are NOPE.   So you spreading it is doing what?  Let’s take the water fight over in Dakota, that was a mess to be for sure.  I want to know what ended up happening with all the money raised with T-shirt sales, all the people out there standing in the cold.  I didn’t see where it did a bit of good,  AND anyone notice that the area was totally trashed and the puppies left there to die.  WHAT the hell happen afterward with all the do gooders?   DO you see any news on that now?!  Could it have been handled better??

BET your sweet ASS it could have.  Wonder what a bunch of awakened, meditating, loving people could have done in that situation??? HUMMMMMM

I bet they wouldn’t have left piles of human trash and dogs to die!

I love to help by signing petitions, or donations when I know where the money is going.  I have written my senator and congress man.  There are ways you can help, but spreading the horror on social media isn’t helping.  How about this if you want to help, find a link that does something, or send a letter to your State senator or call him,  how about a letter to your president.  That is called awareness not awaremess!!

As I wake up from the limited, fear based life I once knew I see more clearly, hear better, food taste better, in fact, I am learning that there is better food out there that doesn’t poison to the human being,  the air is sweeter and when I am having a rough day I am able to drift through it with a deep inner peace.  Meditation gets you back to the inner you.  It helps you shut off the TV, to delete those pages that share nothing but negativity. Awakening gives you back your power to change how you react to everything that is outside of you. EVERYTHING!!

There was a time me and my husband every time we went to the store or to our beautiful mountains, was filled with road rage drivers.   The road rage got to where it was becoming a death trap.  I wondered if the thoughts of assholes and distracted drivers on our roads weren’t causing us the problem.  It never failed before we could get out of the drive way we were fighting about how bad the roads would be. I felt that My own thoughts were to bring all these distracted unaware drivers into my life.  So I changed my thinking, and I got after my husband about his.  I told him if he didn’t stop the road rage I wouldn’t ride with him anymore.  Instantly the road horrors stopped and our drives became peaceful, it was like day and night.  How much of our thought brings us those very things we think about, out into our daily lives I wonder?

When you meditate you get these awesome super hero powers.  YOU are able to spot bullshit in a single word,  not jump to conclusions in a single bound. YOUR Heart heals you faster than a speeding bullet, you can stop the mind chatter with just 20 minutes of quiet time. And much much more!! If you start now you can heal years of negativity, limited false teachings, allow others to deal with their own issues and find the inner strength you had no idea you had.

CAUTION:  Side effect, no more watching mindless reality TV as a distraction, limited thinking fades away, you may feel the need to go outside or visit a national park or nearby park.  You will not be able to listen to someone complain about the same old shit day in and day out.  You find that you change what you can and pray for that which you can’t.  Disclaimer… these side effect may not go away and you may never be able to go back to the way you were.

The function of the mind:  is to Create coherence between beliefs and reality. So if you have a negative belief then the mind creates that story! Would it not make sense that you would want to create a positive belief.  Now, this doesn’t mean you don’t feel the emotions of your healing the inner you.  It means that you don’t want to have outside sources that are negative and creating a false negative belief inside of you.  When you meditate and are just listening to your inner dialogue you can change your belief by healing that past, limited fears that were inside of you.

These are just a few things I have discovered since starting my 100-day challenge in meditation and blogging.  I am on my 54th day of my challenge.  I am awe-struck at how much I am learning.  The one big thing I am seeing is that I have a problem trying to teach others what I am learning.  I have had to remind myself that I am teaching me!  I am not teaching anyone else.  All these blogs are for my benefit.  I am sharing my lessons.  That is what awakening is all about.

Cookie dough ice cream hugs,


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