I am but a spirit in a human energy suit.

I come for peace and love.

I got to get away for a little bit today.  It was so nice to travel to our Rocky Mountains and spend a whole day exploring the many beautiful roads as well as get away from the heat of the plains.   I went from upper 90 degrees to nice 70’s with light rain showers.  The scent of the Aspens was better than any candle from Yankee candles… sorry Yankee candles I love your candles but you don’t have one that smells of fresh rain, with a pine twist and just the right amount of Sparkling Aspen.


My day was on top of a mountain with snow still on it even though it is the end of July.  Can you believe that just over 12,000 feet above sea level there is snow?


I was so glad that I got to see such beauty and as I was driving up to these magnificent mountains I got to thinking about mortality and how we are spirits having a human experience.  I thought about what happens to the body after our spirit has left it.  My lovely sister has gone on to the spirit world, as the last moment of remembrance we laid her ashes at one of our pretty lakes.   Her ashes will have traveled on to one of the rivers my family fished, and then as that river finds another river to merge with, so to will her ashes flow, yet as I allow my ego to go, the story from my heart goes even further.


I see my sister’s ashes traveling to the ocean and then as the sun soaks up the water, my sister ashes are traveling in the great unknown beyond what we can see, just a particle of what was the shell that she lived in, here on this earth.  I feel that even the dust that is our body somehow reaches out beyond the thought that we lay on this earth forever once spirit has passed on to the other side.   Our energy that was made into that human form still finds its way out into that vast space and beyond, even if one was buried.


I allowed myself to place my feet in the snow melted, cold, crisp water.  Ohh how cold but so refreshing!  I saw the old me wash away and I felt cleansed and brand new.  I am not the same person I once was when I had started this challenge.  I have been awakening to see the truth that is out there.  I am so much more than the little things that we do out of routine.  I am so much bigger than the size of my body.  We forget that we are infinite, we have been contained into a small body forgetting that we are everything we are so much more than just a body.  These bodies help to protect the spirit as well as bring us into a smaller form so we may experience the limitation of the human being.  How wonderful to discover that I am wearing an energy suit knitted in my mother’s womb so I may have a journey of a life time.  I am but a  visitor here on this earth.


The trip was fantastic, restful and heart caring.  I needed the time away from writing as well as a break from the meditation.  I still got to meditate but it was while I saw Buffalo run across the plains of my state,  as well as majestic mountains and the rolling hills of Colorado.  I live in heaven, to me, it is my heaven on earth.


Don’t forget the Buffalo…


My new distractions instead of  Reality TV,  social media, sitcoms,  fake news, drama and hiding away in my house are going to be replaced with climbing mountains and taking pictures.  I have found a joy as well as a way to experience the joys of being a spirit in a little human energy suit.  I love that!!20170720_143928

May you find your heaven on earth as well!

With love my tiny little earth being,


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