Winter storm

I love winter storms, and I love the excitement of getting ready for them, the thoughts of what if this or that happens.  Is it sick to feel this way?  NO, in fact, I think the world would be a better place if excitement were to replace the fear that we are subjected to day after day.  I have preached this before, but we all come from a fear-based, limited thought and belief place.  Today I will be going through my fridge, getting rid of foods not needed or expired, clean out my kitchen cabinets and take stock of what I have, just in case it is worse than the weather people guessed.

I am also going to go through my closet and get rid of clothes I have not worn this year, that I do not want, get rid of old and GMO filled vitamins and supplements.  It’s time to clean out the old.  I feel like fall is that time of the year when you get rid of the stuff that is clogging our energies, that way you have room for the new things you wish and pray.  I get to settle in my ways and I get to feeling sick and sluggish. I love that song from Pam Tillis Shake the Sugar tree. I think we all need to get up and shake the dust off!

I have found that if we sit too long, we get lazy, complacent, we take people for granted and become resentful.  When you see and feel these things happening it is time to shake yourself like a dog and walk around.  It’s time to step outside and take a picture of all that you have, change your diet and love harder.  Life is not to be watched it is for joining in.  Take a day off work even though you think you shouldn’t and go for a walk anywhere.  Shake your life up and watch it like a snow globe.  You will surprise yourself in what transpires.

I found this out the other day, I love to learn, but there comes a time I need to move around and let things go.  I was so sad at the state of our healthcare the loss of life. To find that cancer is up by 80% in our animals.  It got so overwhelming that I could not stop crying.  When I saw myself in such a negative thought pattern, that was my cue to get up and do something.  Negativity has a way of making us sick, and if we allow those feelings to continue, we can even get cancer.

I know that when we find ourselves not reaching out to others, friend or family we are on a slippery slope to see ourselves ill very soon.  Today will be getting up and shaking off the dust, allow the negativity to move on and not studying for a day or two.  I am so excited for the winter storm coming this way, getting the hoses drained and making sure the heater is ready.  We can make life exciting, or we can live dreading it. I choose to make it happy.  How about you?  New whole food organic diet, no more GMO’s, no more fast foods, drink more water, find great supplements, get in touch with friends, throw away the old?

This blog is short and sweet, I need to get going.  I am going to go shake my life up and get rid of stuff that is keeping me stuck.  Hope you have a fun day shaking your life up a bit.

Magic and love


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