I have gargoyles on my roof

Cool title huh?  Now that I have your attention I need to get a couple things off my chest. So what do I have on my chest, nothing, nothing at all?  I am happy where I am right now in my life.  I don’t feel like I need to complain or say much of anything today.  It’s one of those days where you feel connected with spirit and with the world.  How come then, do I feel like every little dog bark has me on edge?  I think it is because we are always waiting for some kind of drama to happen when we are at peace when we are looking for a distraction so we won’t be in harmony.  It’s crazy how we as humans always have to feel like we are doing something or thinking of something to feel like we are justified to be in this world.

I am busy with all kinds of projects as I get well.  I can not handle the thought of missing one bit of my good time by sitting and doing nothing.  That seems crazy to even write that out.  Yet if you watch people or listen to the news, read a magazine, your news feed on Facebook, you see that very thing happening.  To sit and take in the world has become a sin.  I am bombarded with the articles of how I will die much earlier if I sit for too long than someone who is standing and doing more than me.  Sad to say but all those who were on Naked and Afraid, you shouldn’t have sat as long as you did, now you have shortened your life.

I love to write but if I am caught up in the lies of mass media and social media, those who are trying to sell their exercises, juices, foods, cookbooks, and the list goes on, I would become a hoarder of all these new and improved ways of extending my life.  I don’t want to stand and write, it’s not comfortable, plus with five dogs I don’t sit for long… I don’t have a doggy door.  I just want a disease, pain-free life where I can go sit outside or write and enjoy the beauty of the day!

CLICK… the sound of turning it all off, I think I will grab some hydrogen water go outside SIT and watch the Gargoyles on my roof!



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