Healing with the past, present, and future self.

Today I have remembered my childhood.  I started reading a book about becoming more mystic, that brought up these memories. Childlike is not what you would think it’s more about what we indeed are.  I know that I have this feeling of being much more than what I  have been told.  I am so much more than the little being that is only here for a short time to learn whatever it might be.  I am all things, and all things are me.  I can choose what I want to happen in my life just by the way I react to it.  What power huh?

To become more childlike is way more than what we can possibly comprehend.  It is to remember being a child and all the joys that we had as we looked at our new home in awe like way.  To watch a child is amazing to me, everything is so fresh and fun for them.  They are delighted in the little things I take for granted anymore.  I remember as a young girl how much I loved to jump into a cold Colorado stream after sitting in the sun. To drop in all hot and sweaty into fresh cold water that made you squeal in delight and laugh as you came back up to the surface.  I loved to go out in the snow and walk barefooted when I was in my mid 20’s the shock of the cold the feeling was fantastic and the tingling you got when you got back in the house was fun.  Today I would allow the teachings I have had to tell me that it is wrong, not fun and that I could catch a cold or get frost bit.  REALLY?!  WHY do we have to make everything into a horror story?  Why is it we have forgotten the thrill of the moment when we can just live and enjoy those very precious moments?

What if you found out that life is not just at this moment but that you are living all times at one time.  Okay, stay with me on this one.  What if there is no time, that we are living past, present and future all the time.  How about if we could access those moments anytime we wanted? There is no end just pauses in our lifetimes.  We are being loved by ourselves as well as those from our past, present, and future.  No one need feel alone or unloved ever again. Have you ever looked up and felt like you found you were so happy or something beautiful was about to happen.  You felt incredibly good! What if that was future you loving you at just that moment?  When you feel lonely are hurting maybe that is past you there to let you know you have faced this before, and you just need to tell you that you have this and it will be ok,

Why are we not taught these things in school, church or social media?  Why are we all not able to think outside the limited fear-based thoughts we are taught?  I have no idea but I am loosing those limited beliefs, and my world is expanding.

The drama that we have going on in this lifetime may be from past experience that you were not able to deal with from that previous lifetime.  Let’s say that you are stuck in a relationship that is not going anywhere, you have an illness or a dead end job.  What if you are supposed to let them go, stop stressing about your disease and try natural cures, or quite that dead end job and find another one, just doing the very things that scare you may be what you need to do. Those things that scare you are from the past that you were not able to do then but need to do now.  Even if all you’re supposed to do is recognize them, acknowledge them and learn from them.

I think that all we need to do is face those things that stress us and be okay with it.  Somehow it changes that they once held.  It is like the energy gets changed and what bothered or hurt you doesn’t have that same effect anymore.  I have had this happen to me many times this week.  As soon as I acknowledge that this or that is bothering me and that it is okay, the pain, the hurt and the stress go away.  What if after we change the energy of those stressors, we find that we heal from an illness, cancer or lose weight.  What if those very hurts, stresses, drama are the cause of aging, illnesses, pains, diseases? If we can allow those deep dark injuries to come to the surface, could that be the very holistic cures we are searching for?  Oh I know you might be thinking too easy but is it??

The way I see things as I awaken from the limited thoughts I was taught is that age has nothing to do with us getting sick, it is the limited fear-based thoughts that keep us stressed and worried, that ends up causing us to age.  Age is relative, we hear this all the time, I understand elderly folks say that in their mind they feel young.  Is it the teaching of the society that we have to slow down and get ill that causes us to age?

There is no flu season yet we are taught by prominent pharma that there is.  Is it then the subconscious that tells our bodies that we need to get sick?  I know that are viruses out there and the body must get these colds to help clean and clear our systems so that we can build up our immunity to these germs, viruses, and bacterias.  Yet there are some folks who rarely if ever get sick.  I think that the mind can cause more havoc than we realize

I believe that it is great that we know so much more about the human body this day and age, but not enough studies have been done to show what the mind and spirit can do as well.  The human being needs all three to work correctly.  I know this is a vast, broad subject. I will be diving deeper into this as the days go on.  But I will remember to look into it with the eyes of a child. To get back to being more in a state of awe than a state of horror will be so much more fun until later I will let it go for now.  There is only one thing I need to remember, life is to be enjoyed, not stressed over.  Next time you feel ill, tired, lonely, hurt or whatever the feeling, stop and ask yourself this. Why?  Then acknowledge the answer that comes to mind, be okay with the answer. <<< That part is significant, being okay with whatever it is, is critical!!  Trust me doing these simple steps will change the energy you are feeling.  I bet you’ll get to feeling better as well.



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