Christmas to be or not to be. ?

Prelude:  These writing are of my feelings and views, they are in no way meant for anyone other than for me.  If they should help someone open up to other possibilities and help them to express themselves out of the confines of limited, fear-based thoughts than it is purely on their end as growth and I am honored to have helped.

I am a “not to be” person when it comes to the Christmas.  I love Halloween, Thanksgiving is manageable as long as it is away from family drama, but I am genuinely the scrooge when it comes to Christmas.  I would much rather go off to a lovely little cabin by a stream and hold up there for the whole month of December, good food and books I’d be as happy as a clam.

I guess you could say that the reasoning could be from past hurts, but really I am much more comfortable with none of the hassle, the noise, the mess and the work that has to go into a time when it should be full of Joy, peace, and love.  I know that I am not alone on this, I heard a woman the other day at our favorite Italian bistro remarking the same thoughts as I. The only reason I feel I need to run from home is that I don’t feel like I can get the kind of quiet I dream of here.

It’s ok to be ok with not liking Christmas, heck Jesus wasn’t even born on this day in all reality.  It is a Holiday that is made for consumerism.  I love to give, in fact, I give all year long. I don’t need a “special day” to know when I need to give.  I enjoyed making Christmas magical for my kids just as my Dad did for me and my siblings, Okay with that said the days after Christmas because of the debt incurred secured for the rest of the month and on a miserable time.

Oh, the fights my parents had been very extreme making the treasured memories more of a horror story for me and my sisters and brother. I bet you can see some significant old reasons why I am not a Christmas fan.

I have been looking into the actual meaning of  “Christmas” this year.  I know that Winter Solstice was celebrated way before Christmas was invented. It was a time of gathering the last of harvest as folks settled in for the long winter months.  Festivals were many back in those times even before Jesus came.  Mankind has worshipped mother earth and all that she has brought to us for many years, love of families coming together to share in their bounties a time to give to one another as the days shorten and the nights grew longer.  It wasn’t until the Romans came in and forced people into Christianity that Jesus was brought into the picture as a reason for celebrating Winter Solstice.  I have yet to find an accurate time frame for when Jesus was born in the bible.

I am in not anyway downing Jesus I am just saying the Bible has been rewritten many times, the language that it was transcribed from is not one that is easy to decipher from.  The Bible was a way of recording events that happen but coming from men and their own views as they witness these events.  It is easy for several different people to tell the same story many different ways.  Now, remember these are my views and my beliefs, I am not saying my thoughts to change your ideas and opinions.  I feel that there is more out there in the world than what we are told or taught.

I love the feel of winter Solstice, I think the gathering of the last herbs in the garden, making ready for the longer nights, staying in the thankfulness of love and giving is going to be my new memory for this time of year.  I know it will be easy because I practice this all year long.  It’s another chapter in my past life that I am letting go of,  to let go of the hurt from the past, the pressure of the future as I stay here in the present day while enjoying this beautiful time of year.

I am going to start right now.  I hope you find the truth of your spirit in this festive winter, gathering, joyful time of year.


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