Little Spirit

Wouldn’t it be great if all the riot people would have a dance-off instead of burning down innocent stores or personal property?!

What a strange world I live in.  Where the masses have been taught by MSM to hate and to hurt.  Where is their HUMANITY!???

So repressed are we, filled with toxins and BS that the masses go outside and cause pain and misery but stayed inside because of a HOAX!  How sad!  I shake my head as I watch those who are lead by the mind and not the heart!  Where is your compassion, where is that soul connection? Where are you, little lost spirits??

Here where I live, we have a great migration of miller moths.  There are thousands of them.  It is not an ordinary event, so when it happens, it has a lot of meaning to me.  The Indians of this region called them little spirits.  They are quite beautiful, soft and have such beautiful patterns on their wings.   The dance in the full moonlight and come in to visit as they make their journey to where ever it is.

As I watch them, many will not make it to their destination.  I find the little spirits here and there, trapped in windows or in doorways.  It helps me to put my own life in perspective.  There are those of us who will not make it, in the sense that we will not learn the lessons we came here to learn.  It is a struggle but a glorious battle.

One night as I played a favorite online game with my son-in-law, I had one of these little spirits land on me.  This little guy had been bouncing off of the light near me and off the tv for most of the night.  I really didn’t pay much attention, they do not bother me, in fact, I have caught many and turned them loose.  As the night progressed, I can now reflect back to his struggles.  He or she seemed to give up and sit on the lampshade.  It crawled around here and there, casting shadows across my walls.  Then it flew down and landed on my hand while I was waiting for another game to load up.  I looked down at it in amazement. There is sat just looking at me.  It had nothing more to lose, this little spirit just sat there.  I gentle covered him in my other hand, but he didn’t fly around in my hands; it just sat there quietly.  I sat there and watched it as he watched me back.

How gentle and frail this little spirit was, and it was like he knew I would help him.  The trust made my heart feel large.  I got up and gently carried him to the back door. I lifted my hand up to let him be free, but he stayed there, still looking at me.  I gently blew on him, and he flew into the night.  How remarkable our world is when we are awake.

We are all spirit, and we all came here to learn how to live in a different life.  To grow in diversity, to engage in those things that make us pause and take in like a cold blast of air.  It is refreshing, exhilarating to live in such a time.  But I do warn you do not listen with the mind the ego, listen with the heart the spirit.  Do not take your struggles as a bad thing but a leaning to be experienced.  Do not conform to the norm but step out with exploration in your sites!  It is time for the masses to awaken to see to be connected, to be triggered, to be alive!
“He remembers that it was said to him, “Our ancestors were animal forms.” But he does not remember that these forms were gods. This is the psychological basis for the emergence of Darwinism.”
― Rudolf Steiner, Egyptian Myths And Mysteries


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