The boomerang effect

These days it feels like I am a boomerang; from hour to hour, there is so much information hitting me. I have no idea what to think or how to process it.  Life has a way of speeding up to warp speed.  Years can go by where not much happens, then in a blink of a moment, it seems like we hit a black hole and end up on the other side of a world we just didn’t know existed.

With all that is happening in the world at this time, I am finding myself diving deeper into my inner being.  I listen more to the inner voice that brings me feelings of peace in these conflicting times.  Oh, Do not get me wrong there are times I feel like I get sucked up into the tornados of emotions that wiz by from time to time.  It takes great effort at times to jump, dodge, roll, and twist out of the black, bleak emotions that come my way.  Some days I do pretty well others I get slammed to the ground and have to pick myself back up.

Some messages come my way that scare the living daylights out of me.  I have to crawl out of the anxiety-like a soldier coming out of a battlefield.  The thought of a dark presence that would love to see all die because of its nature to control. This is what bothers me.  There are those out there that only want to believe that this is the only life there is.  Some have disconnected from the very source that they came from.   How can one be so careless in their very existence to ever think that this is all there is??

As I speak more and more with Spirit I am reminded over and over that it is okay for me to feel the emotions of what I am reacting to.  But not to camp there, but to let these feelings flow like water.   It is easy to want to allow the monkey brain to take over and react to everything that is coming about. But why?  When I get back to that source where I came from, I can look from a spectators eyes, not from a belonging aspect. I do not need to belong to any group I am not of this world, I am but a visitor here to learn, to feel to share.  I am only here for a very brief moment.  It is hard for some to see this point of view.

Death is mourned, it is the end. But is it??  I do not believe in this theory; I never did.   I have always walked a different path.  I can look at the stars and feel longing and homesickness.

As Spirit has told me, there is so much more than what meets the eye.

The other day while walking in my yard, I found some beautiful barrel cactus blooming, we have had a drought this year, but the little rain we have had brought out some beautiful purple-pink flowers.  Even in the dried up weeds from the last year, life was still happening, and beautiful changes were happening under the death and decay.

There is life coming up from the ashes of this planademic, there are those awakening to more than the nine to five life that they had thought was life.  I am not of this world, but I am here to learn and to help it evolve.  I am not of the masses, but I am of one.  I am here to honor, respect, love, cherish, and take care of me first and foremost.  And as Spirit says, watch but do not absorb.

So as the world of emotions, and conflict wiz by, instead of being sucked up and boomeranged around, I chose to watch and see the evolutions happen.  Life has a way of surprising one who watches out of love!

“Some day, when I have grown sufficiently, I shall attain that which I am destined to attain,”
― Rudolf Steiner, How to Know Higher Worlds


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