The Winds of Change

Every day there is a new day to create!  There is nothing you can not create in your life.  Yet when you do not love and respect yourself, there is no way you will be able to create on purpose.  You are a creator, but you have been taught that you must belong to a group or mass of people to be heard and seen.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!!

I have written that I have gotten rid of FB and Twitter.  NO more do I belong to the occult of negative thinkers.  What is sad is that most people follow blindly along without asking WHY.  Why are we being grounded to our homes, Why are they making us do things that go against our Protect Constitutional rights, why does your mask not work if I don’t wear one, why does a vaccine not work if everyone is not forced to have one?  These are just a few of the questions EVERYONE SHOULD BE ASKING!!

Here is some excellent advice from a two-year-old.  SAY NO!! NO, I will not be a part of the mass of stupidity! NO, I will not be silenced because of fake NEWS, fake SCIENCE, false FEAR!  You must prove to me that your idea of a mask that your vaccine work and you’re not in for the monetary movement!

When you force free people to do what you want, you become an ENEMY of the Country! Our Governor is An Enemy of the STATE!  He should be removed immediately.

Here is where I may piss some people off.  I am so angry at our President.  He goes around, talking out of both sides of his mouth!  No, where does he stand for the freedom of the people!! He is so wishy-washy.

He does nothing to protect the America that he claims he loves.  As he tweets his stupidity about a senile old man who couldn’t find his way out of a wet paper bag, he allows these enemies of the states and country to cripple our USA!!


He has the power to remove all these governors and mayors.  The people are asking for you, MR, PRESIDENT to DO YOUR JOB!!

When our governors and mayor allow others to destroy and use the people given powers against the very people who voted them in, it is time to remove those who we the people voted in!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU MR, PRESIDENT AND THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA!??

It is time to stand up and take back our great country.  Where are the men of this world?  Our Forefathers and mothers fought for our right to chose to be free!  WHY THE HELL ARE YOU PISSING IT AWAY?????

I am so disappointed in the people of America.  Why are you silent? Why are you allowing them to shut you down, to mask you, to make you fear germs!!???

It is time for the Winds of Change!! It is time to stop cowering, wearing masks, walking with your tails between your legs.  The MASK is just the beginning, next is the dollar, then your guns, then you live where they say.  You are being readied for SLAUGHTER!!

GET YOUR FAT HEAD OUT OF THE TV!!!!! Stand up tall and walk with a big stick, it is time to fight for your GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS!!! It is time to tell family, friends, and Foe that this is enough horse shit!  It is time to fight for our children and our grandchildren!

The Winds of change are today!  It is time to call up stores that require masks and tell them that you will not be shopping there, it is time to stand up to the churches and ministers and tell them, we will sing without a mask!! It is time to stop being babies and start to grow the hell up!!  Stop BEING VICTIMS!! SAY NO!!!!!

It is time to tell our President to DO HIS JOB!!  If he wants my vote, he better start acting like the Man he says he is!!  Bring in the military and take down the Enemies of our States and Country!! Fire Fauci the FAKE!! Arrest KILL Bill GATES!! It is time to take out the trash!  DEFUND THE MEDIA!!  I will walk with you #PresidentTrump if you show me that you genuinely love freedom and what America stands for!!

You can be a victim, or you can be a leader and start your own revolution!  Fight for your GOD-GIVEN rights!! It is the only way you will ever see, taste, and have the freedom you once had!  ACT NOW!!!

The featured picture is awesome but I do not know who to give credit to. 😦


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