What the Junk is going on?!

Hey, it’s been a hot minute here. I had taken some time to get away from the MSM and try to find some good things to do. With all the BS going on out there in this world, it just isn’t fun to write much anymore.
Warning: This writing is created from my thoughts only; if you disagree, please shut the page and walk away. Have a great day!
Back to our regular writing.
So here we are at 0ver 200 days into our lockdowns. What bothers me is that most do not care that they have lost their freedom. Of Course, our government wanted a bunch of zombies who will not question what is going on and accept that this is the new norm! Puke face!!
No matter how much time I have put into positive reflections, meditation, not watching the MSM, or how much I work out in my gardens, many in my family are okay with no freedom.
I have lost friends and family because I will not comply and go willingly into the new norm. Nor will I ever. No, I will not accept that Biden won by fair voting, no I will not be masked, no I will not give up my guns, and HELL no, I will not be told that I have to take a vaccine that is not even been tested, and the creators can not be held accountable for those who will be injured.
Oh, and if you get a shot, please stay away! I do not want the sluffing you will be spreading that will be deadlier than this virus!! Just Saying!
This new world order that about 40 percent of you are willing to go with, wow, I am so scared for you. It is not what you think it is. I am grateful for all who are walking and talking and taking the time to fight for your rights!! We, the conspiracy theorist. Yeah, the ones who keep looking at what is being said, fact-checking those who lie to us. Those of us in the dark web. ohhwwwwo oo Those of us who are killing grandma by not wearing a face diaper. Really oh MY GOODNESS, I will not go down that BS line of Horsefly food!!
The funny thing is I have had to put a plow on the front of the Nissan Murano so I can get down my road due to all the bodies. You know all the bodies!!
I have seen people pass away because of complications from the other comorbidity they suffer from. I have seen medical complications kill hundreds. But I do not see all the fake made up deaths from one little virus. I will apologize if someone can prove that the poor or unhealthy, taking several pharmaceuticals who died just of a 99.98% survival rate virus! Promise!!
I have a disease that could kill me at any time. If anyone should be scared, it should be me. But I am not living in fear of a virus; NOOO, I have much more I am worried about. Like, I am dealing with panic attacks, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts because of what I fear my government will do to me. I fear that I will be locked up and told I would never see freedom if I do not take their drug that has not been tested or proven not to kill me. I fear not being able to buy food or go fishing or see my grandchildren ever again. I do fear Biden becoming president!! Shit, I fear Trump becoming president. There is no victory in this. Not one man will set a nation free. ONLY the individual can set our America FREE!!!!
Here is another thing you all: God is a gentle being. He allows us to make mistakes. No matter your religion, your spiritual belief, there is only one person who can create the world you want. YOU!
I have been learning this over and over for the past 200 and counting days. I will do what I have to do to protect, honor, and love me.
I will fight for the rights of others as best as I can. I will try and educate those around me. But when it all comes to the end of the day. There is nothing I will make anyone do, say, or think. I will fight for your freedom to give it away. I am just saying!

I wish all a good day, make the right decisions! I am just saying….

I wish all a good day, make the right decisions! I am just saying….

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