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Emerging From The Dark Night

Why do we continue to live

in so much fear?

Why is it that love feels too scary

for us to draw near to?

Why buy into the lies

and focus on the cost

instead of opening our hearts and souls

wide to love?

There is an ache I feel

deep inside

when the unreal dominates so much of our lives

When did we forget

to look for the joy?

To delight in the moment?

Open your eyes to this day

find a chink of light

even if its dark

draw comfort from something warm inside of you

that lights a fire of encouragement

from dying embers.

Do not stay all alone inside

listening to sad songs

life can be so much better

than this

love is so close by

only waiting for us

to recognise it

all of nature is breathing it

bearing witness to it

open your eyes

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